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Tajweed Rules Course

Immerse yourself in our online Tajweed Quran courses tailored for both children and adults, featuring highly skilled Tajweed instructors who have graduated from esteemed institutions like Al-Azhar University and other prominent Islamic universities worldwide. Our comprehensive Tajweed program is crafted to empower you with mastery over the rules of Tajweed, enabling you to recite the Quran beautifully in accordance with the method advocated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Embark on a holistic Tajweed journey that seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge with practical application to elevate your Quranic recitation to an exceptional level. Our expert tutors will skillfully guide you through the linguistic and phonetic intricacies of Tajweed, demonstrating effective application of these rules. The curriculum commences with foundational Tajweed principles and progressively delves into more advanced concepts.

Employing a diverse range of teaching methods, including worksheets, interactive discussions, repeated tests, and quizzes, we ensure your attainment of a professional Qāriʾ level of Quranic recitation with Tajwid. Join our Tajweed classes and set forth on a transformative journey to recite the Quran with precision and beauty.

Spread the blessings by sharing this course with your friends and family, and earn good deeds by helping others discover the path to Quranic excellence.

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Tajweed Rules Course Details


Are you eager to master Tajweed and approach Quranic recitation with precision and accuracy?

If refining your recitation skills and achieving excellence in Quranic Arabic is your goal, Sabil Al Quran Institute is here to assist you. Our online Tajweed Course is designed to cater to individuals, both adults and children, who can already recite the Quran in Arabic but wish to enhance their recitation proficiency.

For those with no prior knowledge of the Quran or Arabic, we recommend starting with our Quran Reading Basics Course. In our online Tajweed classes, experienced instructors with certified degrees in Tajweed will guide you through an enjoyable and straightforward learning journey.

The course places significant emphasis on ‘Makharij ul Huroof’ and ‘Talafuz,’ incorporating vocal repetition and written tests to further refine your Tajweed skills. Lessons are enriched with Quranic examples and practical recitation of the Holy Quran, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Each session covers the rules of Tajweed and their application to Quranic recitation, with your teacher guiding you every step of the way. Progress is recorded after each lesson, enabling you to practice Tajweed at your convenience.

Don’t hesitate! Enroll now in our online Tajweed Course and embark on your journey to mastering Tajweed today!


Tajweed serves as the set of guidelines for accurately pronouncing each letter in the Quran. Hence, choosing a native Quran tutor is unquestionably the optimal choice for individuals of all age groups seeking to enhance their Quranic recitation. Precise and proper Quranic recitation carries significant importance, with Tajweed playing a crucial role in outlining the rules and regulations that must be followed during recitation to ensure its beauty and precision. Moreover, reciting the Quran with the correct rules and pronunciations guarantees that nothing is overlooked or mispronounced

Benefits of Learning Tajweed

The advantages of learning Quran with Tajweed online are numerous, and the journey of acquiring Tajweed skills itself is highly rewarding.

Key benefits of Tajweed include:

Avoiding Sin through Accurate Pronunciation: Pronouncing Quranic words correctly is crucial to avoid altering their meaning, as any deviation can be considered a sin. Adhering to Tajweed rules is essential for reciting the Holy Quran accurately.

Mastering Arabic Language Grammar: Tajweed is often regarded as the grammar of the Quran. Proficiency in Tajweed not only enhances Quranic recitation but also results in a mastery of Arabic language grammar, providing a dual advantage.

Elevating Faith Levels: Applying Tajweed rules while reading the Quran at a slow pace facilitates a deeper contemplation of verses, fostering heart-tenderness and subsequently enhancing one’s faith.

Preserving the Integrity of Arabic Islamic Texts: Tajweed plays a significant role in preserving the integrity of Arabic Islamic texts, preventing them from losing their identity when mixed with non-Arabic words.

The journey of mastering Tajweed is not only a means of achieving precise Quranic recitation but also a pathway to enriching one’s understanding of the Arabic language and deepening spiritual connection through contemplative reading.

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