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Commence on a transformative journey with our Quran Recitation Course, which explores the divine verses with a specific focus on mastering Tajweed. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic patterns guided by seasoned tutors, elevating both comprehension and pronunciation. Uncover the secrets of proper intonation, ensuring a harmonious and accurate recitation of the sacred text. Experience the joy of reciting Allah’s words with precision, fostering a profound connection to the Quran. Join a well-structured program suitable for learners of all levels, enhancing your spiritual journey through recitation lessons led by experts. Enroll now to bring the timeless wisdom of the Quran to life, elevating your recitation skills and deepening your appreciation for this sacred art.

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Sabil Al-Quran is online quran school to learn Holy Quran and Arabic Language through online one-to-one live sessions .

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Quran Recitation Course Details


Are you facing challenges in your Quranic reading journey? Do you dream of achieving fluency in reciting the sacred verses? Are you in search of a profound recitation that deeply resonates with your heart?

If you aspire to develop effective recitation skills but find it challenging to discover a reputable Qari, with less-than-optimal options online, your solution is here—Quran Ayat Institute has got you covered.

This course is meticulously crafted for beginners aiming to learn Quranic recitation, assuming a basic understanding of the Quran and the Arabic language.

For those without prior knowledge of the Quran or Arabic, consider commencing with our Quran Reading Basics Course. Our online Quran recitation classes, led by experienced tutors, are designed to familiarize you with fundamental concepts, dispel misconceptions, and guide you toward proficiency.

Each class kicks off with a review of the previous lesson’s verses, providing valuable feedback to enhance your Quranic recitation skills.

Access to high-quality resources is guaranteed, enabling effective Quranic study without physical constraints and at an affordable fee.

We are dedicated to supporting you in achieving perfection in Quranic recitation. Don’t delay any longer—register now and commence your journey to master the art of Quran recitation today!


The significance of Quran Recitation is profound. It is a fundamental obligation for us believers to recite the Quran correctly, as it is one of the basic rights of the Quran upon us.

The Holy Quran has been revealed to us for the purpose of recitation, understanding its teachings, and applying them in our daily lives.

Both Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (PBUH) have emphasized the importance of Quranic recitation.

Numerous references in the Quran and Hadith illuminate the importance of Quran recitation and the rewards that await us. These rewards are not limited to this life; we are promised blessings for reciting the Quran in the afterlife as well.

Allah (SWT) states in the holy Quran:


1. Pronunciation of Every Alphabet – Makharijul Huruf
How to pronounce letters, and if summarized there are 5 places, namely; Al-Jauf (oral cavity), Al-Halqu (throat/oesophagus), Al-Lisanu (tongue), Ash-Syafatain (two lips) and Al-Khoisyum (nasal leaf).

2. Pronunciation of Every Word – Talaffuz
How to pronounce words exactly at it should be.

3. Different Ways of Recitation – Qira’at
“Qira’at“ refers to various methods of Quran Reading & Recitation. There are ten different well-known schools of qira’at, and each one deriving its name from a noted Quran reciter or “reader” (Qari).

4. Ayat Meanings – Tafseer Quran
“Tafseer Quran” or “Tafsir Quran” refers to in-depth explanation, interpretation, and translation to the verses (ayat) and surahs of the Quran, clarifying when and why each verse/surah was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

5. Reciting The Whole Quran Fluently

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